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Shinedown Blows the Roof off of the Sundome

Touring to promote their upcoming and sixth studio album, ATTENTION ATTENTION, Shinedown made a stop and performed to a near capacity crowd at the Yakima Valley Sundome in Yakima, WA.

Shinedown, which consists of Brent Smith (vocals), Zach Myers (guitar), Eric Bass (bass) and Barry Kerch (drums), performed a ninety minute, fifteen song set that introduced two new tracks off of ATTENTION ATTENTION, with a majority of the set’s material focusing on the latest three releases – Threat to Survival, Amaryllis and The Sound of Madness.

A large white curtain covered the front of the stage as the houselights went dark. Lasers were used to project the band’s name onto the curtain, and then a large exclamation point which the band is using to identify the album ATTENTION ATTENTION was then filling the entire curtain before it dropped. The band opened their set with “Sound of Madness”, before proceeding into “Bully”. Smith then asked the crowd to sing along with the intro to “Cut the Cord” as the stage lighting cast in green, with the back lights and lasers cutting through the fog.

Bass and Myers were very active, making their way from their respective places on stage, to either side of the stage as well as joining Smith stage center as he made his way down the cat walk to interact with everyone in the front – from the fans, as well as shaking hands with members of the security and the photographers in the photo pit.

The band played many rocking and memorable songs, including “I’ll Follow You”, “THE HUMAN RADIO”, and the always fan favorite “State of My Head”, in which Smith asked everyone in the crowd to turn their cell phones on to illuminate the arena. Bright lights and lasers coming from the stage were very bright and illuminated the front of the arena. Fans were swaying their hands, and their phones, back and forth and sang along with Smith.

Shinedown also performed “Enemies”, “45”, and their superb rendition of Lynard Skynard’s “Simple Man”, showcasing Smith’s incredible vocal talent. Finishing out their set, they performed “DEVIL”.

Shinedown continue to put on incredible performances, and it is easy to see why they keep growing in popularity. Their latest album, ATTENTION ATTENTION, comes out on May 4th.

Supporting Shinedown were Los Angeles, CA based heavy metal act, In This Moment, which consists of Maria Brink (vocals), Chris Howorth (lead guitar), Travis Johnson (bass), Randy Weitzel (guitar) and Kent Diimemel (drums). The band’s stage theatrics compliments the mood and themes of their music. With many wardrobe changes to set the tone for each song, the band played an eight song set that was just shy of an hour. Highlights of their set include “Blood”, “River on Fire”, “Big Bad Wolf” and “Whore”.

Shinedown Setlist

Sound of Madness
Cut the Cord
How Did You Love
I’ll Follow You
State of My Head
If You Only Knew
Second Chance
Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)
Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)

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