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Queensryche Performs To a Sold Out Clearwater Casino

Seattle ambassadors of metal music, Queensryche, performed in front of a sold-out audience at the Clearwater Casino on the Suquamish Indian Reservation Thursday night. 

This was the band’s first time back on the stage in Washington since their previous tour, and by the size of the crowd, you could tell that the local fans were happy they were home.  The night was focused on them, no opening act, just the almighty Queensryche in all their glory.  It was a solid 75 minute set, topped by a 3 song encore.   

The stage was lit in deep red before the show began, casting the drum set in a sea of red which reflected beautifully off the silver and chrome of the kit.   As the house lights went dim, touring drummer Casey Grillo took the stage, followed by Eddie Jackson, Parker Lundgren, and Mike Wilton. Grillo started pounding out the intro to “Surgical Strike,” and as Parker and Lungren started shredding the chords of the song, Todd La Torre took the stage. It was hard to not notice that La Torre’s right hand was in a cast, his arm supported by a sling; a few weeks prior to the performance, he had injured his hand, and made this post on Facebook “”Ugh….breaking a bolt loose, slipped and fractured the 5th metacarpal head (break behind pinky big knuckle on hand). First broken bone in my life. Pain and frustration! Six weeks with this on, but so grateful…  Can’t thrash for a while, but at least I can still sing. When u see live pics with a cast at least now u know why…”. That injury, in no way, slowed him down, during the entire night.  La Torre made sure he came down and fist bumped as many people as he could with his good hand.   

The band played a mix of songs from all their albums, pleasing old and new fans. They also featured a new song that will be on their upcoming album.  La Torre didn’t disappoint the audience at all when the band broke in to “Queen Of The Reich:, he rang out on the vocals, and had everyone chiming in. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house during “Silent Lucidity”, heads were banging during “Jet City Woman”, and the crowd raised the roof during “Eyes of a Stranger”.  Any time these gentlemen play a show on their home turf, they are met with great appreciation and thunderous applause, and Thursday night was no different.  

Queensryche is continuing their tour through the middle of September, and updates can be found on their website and Facebook page.  

Surgical Strike 
Walk in the Shadows  
The Mission  
Breaking the Silence  
I Don’t Believe in Love  
Silent Lucidity  
The Lady Wore Black  
Queen Of The Reich  
Jet City Woman  
Take Hold of the Flame  

Best I Can  
Screaming In Digital  
Eyes Of A Stranger  

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