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Trivium Brings the Heavy to the Showbox Sodo

Orlando, Florida based heavy metallers Trivium were at the tail end of their The Sin and the Sentence tour when they made their way to the Showbox Sodo in Seattle on Monday Oct 29, 2018.

Trivium is made up of Matt Heafy (vocals / guitar) Corey Beaulieu (guitar), Paolo Gregoletto (bass), and Alex Bent (drums). Heafy had to leave the tour early to be home with his wife for the delivery of their twins. Not to call it quits and to finish out the remaining dates of the tour, members of both opening bands lent their support in Heafy’s absence.

Filling in for Heafy were Howard Jones (vocals) from the band Light The Torch, Jared Dines (guitar) or Rest, Repose – who is also known for his YouTube channel; he’s been on the tour with Trivium documenting and vlogging – and Johannes Eckerström (vocals) from the band Avatar.

The evening was started by Los Angeles, CA based Light The Torch. Along with Jones, the band is made up of Francesco Artusato (guitar), Ryan Wombacher (bass) and Mike Sciulara (drums). The band tore through a 45 minute set that consisted of material from their latest album Revival, as well as their previous two albums under the moniker Devil You Know, The Beauty of Destruction and They Bleed Red.

Swedish headbangers Avatar were up next. Judging by the energy building up from the audience, it was evident that this band had a huge following as a great majority of the crowd seemed as if they were there just to see Avatar.

With a darkened smog filled stage and only the band’s logo illuminated from the back of the stage, the band which is made up of Jonas “Kungen” Jarlsby – (guitars), John Alfredsson (drums), Johannes Eckerström – (lead vocals), Henrik Sandelin (bass / backing vocals) & Tim Öhrström – (guitars / backing vocals) wasted little time in whipping the capacity crowd into a frenzy. The band is touring in support of their 2017 release Avatar Country.

Iron Maiden’s “Run to the Hills was blasted through the sound system and everyone in attendance were singing along with the ever popular song. As the song finished, the members of Trivium – Beaulieu, Gregoletto and Bent – along with Jones and Dines jumped into “Betrayer”, followed by the “Throes of Perdition” and “Beyond Oblivion”. Everyone on stage an awesome performance and the audience showed their appreciation by singing along with Jones, as well as the producing a large circle pit and crowd surfing that made their way to the front of the audience.

“Into the Mouth of Hell We March”, “Like Light to the Flies”, “A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation” and “Down From the Sky” saw Gregoletto and Beaulieu sharing lead vocal duties. During the band’s encore, Eckerström joined them for vocal duties on “Strife” and “Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr”.

Trivium Setlist
Betrayer (with Howard Jones)
Throes of Perdition (with Howard Jones)
Beyond Oblivion (with Howard Jones)
Into the Mouth of Hell We March (Paolo Gregoletto and Corey Beaulieu on vocals)
Like Light to the Flies (Paolo Gregoletto and Corey Beaulieu on vocals)
Sever the Hand (with Howard Jones)
Until the World Goes Cold (with Howard Jones)
The Wretchedness Inside (with Howard Jones)
A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation (Paolo Gregoletto and Corey Beaulieu on vocals)
The Sin and the Sentence (with Howard Jones)
The Heart From Your Hate (with Howard Jones)
Down From the Sky (Paolo Gregoletto and Corey Beaulieu on vocals)

Strife (with Johannes Eckerström)
Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr (with Johannes Eckerström)
In Waves (with Howard Jones)

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