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(Vinyl Review) Spice Girls — SPICE WORLD

Let’s just be honest — we all know you love the Spice Girls, don’t deny it!

Especially if you were a teenager in the late 90s. I wouldn’t classify them as a “guilty pleasure” as they were a global phenomenon that sadly never reached its peak due to internal problems within the group. An example of this was fan favorite Gerri Halliwell’s abrupt exit while the band was blowing up all over the world to focus on a solo career. While the remaining members chose to continue on as a four-piece, it just didn’t feel the same without Gerri. This was all while their sophomore album SpiceWorld was blowing up the charts worldwide. We won’t get into the film that was released with the same title — that also worked as the soundtrack. SpiceWorld also got creative in the music video department using more special effects than that of their previous album.

25 years later SpiceWorld is finally getting the vinyl treatment, and it’s long overdue in my opinion! While most sing the praise of their debut album Spice, mainly for songs including Wannabe, and Say You’ll Be There. SpiceWorld is extremely underrated! Whereas Spice was more of a pop record of the 90s, SpiceWorld experimented with different musical styles — including, Jazz (Lady is a Vamp), Salsa/Samba (Spice Up Your Life), Doo-Wop/Motown (Stop!), and Latin (Viva Forever). 

The 25th-anniversary re-release is also packed with extra tracks from both Spice and SpiceWorld including live performances, remixes, and unreleased tracks making this a must for not only fans but also vinyl junkies as well wishing to relive their childhood.



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