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Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience at the Key Arena

Key Arena in Seattle was the first night of the North American tour of the Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience. The event featured music written and conducted by Ramin Djawadi, a large orchestra and choir which performed musical highlights of the acclaimed and popular HBO Series Game of Thrones. The large stage featured a large screen that showed footage from Game of Thrones that was perfectly timed and synchronized with the orchestra, as well as a large stage that provided platforms for various artists and musicians to perform on.

Music from all seven seasons of Game of Thrones was performed during the events. Some of the stage theatrics included pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke and confetti to make the arena seem as if it was snowing as the White Walkers appeared on the large screen centered behind the orchestra.

Djawadi, after welcoming the sold out crowd, explained the idea of what was to become a touring Game of Thrones musical event, thanked the crew, the musicians in the orchestra and everyone who made their way to the event. He encouraged everyone in attendance to cheer on their favorite characters as they made their way onto the screen, or to jeer those that are their least favorite.

As the orchestra played and the montage of characters were presented on the large screen, it was no surprise that “Ned” Stark, Arya Stark, Tyrion Lannister, Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow received the loudest and most thunderous applause while Cersei Lannister was heavily booed, it was Joffrey Baratheon who received the loudest and most rousing boos of all the characters presented.

Highlights of the event were the Red Wedding, The White Walkers attacking the wall, The Take Over of Astapor (the Red City), and the Spoils of War, also known as Loot Train Attack, in which Targaryen’s Dragons were introduced to Westeros, leaving a fiery path of destruction in their wake.  

The event was presented in two acts with a thirty minute intermission. The event’s tagline, Music Has Come, reflected the saying of Winterfell, or the House of Stark, Winter Is Coming tied in perfectly well with the message behind the evening’s event.

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