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Architects Bring Their Doomsday Tour To The Showbox

Brighton, England metalcore heavy metal band, Architects, are touring across North America and they made a stop in Seattle at the Showbox.

The band had recently released the single “Doomsday” and their latest full length album is All Of Our Gods Have Abandoned Us. The band consists of Sam Carter (vocals), Alex Dean (bass), Adam Christianson (guitar), Dan Searle (drums) and Josh Middleton (guitar). Architects performed a killer ninety minute set that had everyone in the jam packed Showbox head banging, moshing and crowd surfing.

The crowd had grown restless and relentless as the house lights went down and the bad made their way on stage and opened the set with “A Match Made in Heaven” which was proceeded by “Downfall” and “Naysayer”.  The sea of heads banging to the beat of Searle along with the huge circle pit that opened up during “Deathwish” showed that the crowd was there to enjoy the evening and to take in everything that Architects was going to throw at them.

Carter worked the audience, and he owned the stage, making his way from one side to the other. The audience fed off his energy and the rest of the band fed off of the audience’s energy. Dean, Christianson and Middleton didn’t leave their respective places on stage, they were ferocious in their playing and their sound was incredible and on point.

The band tore through many fan favorites – “Broken Cross”, “Dead Man Talking”, “Phantom Fear” and “C.A.N.C.E.R.” – which had many singing along and the intensity of the crowd surfing and moshing was at a fever pitch.

During one of the moments in which Carter spoke to the crowd, he thanked everyone for spending their hard earned money on tickets and for spending their evening not only enjoying their music, but also celebrating the life of guitarist Tom Searle, twin brother of Dan Searle, who had lost his battle with cancer. The crowd then started to chant “Tom! Tom! Tom!”

As the intro to “Momento Mori” came over the sound system, the band jumped into “Nihilist” and finished the evening with “Gone with the Wind”. The band made their way off stage, thanking everyone with handshakes, the tossing of guitar picks and drum sticks into the crowd.

Getting the evening started was Canadian hardcore punk rockers Counterparts – which is made up of Brendan Murphy (vocals), Adrian Lee (guitar), Blake Hardman (lead guitar), Kyle Brownlee (drums) and Tyler Williams (bass). Their latest release is You’re Not You Anymore and they put in a blazing 30 minute set.

Next up in direct support was Stick To Your Guns which is made up of Jesse Barnett (vocals), Chris Rawson (guitar), Josh James (guitar), Andrew Rose (bass) and George Schmitz (drums). They are touring in support of their latest release True View.  The band was a ball of energy from the minute they hit the first chord to the closing of their set.

Architects Set List

A Match Made in Heaven
Broken Cross
Dead Man Talking
Phantom Fear
The Devil Is Near
These Colours Don’t Run
Nihilist (with Intro of Memento Mori)
Gone With the Wind

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