A Saturday Night Out In SoDo

What do The Blues, Barbeque, and the SoDo District all have in common?  Well, on Saturday night they had everything in common!  Slim’s Last Chance featured 3 kick ass bands: Stocic FB, Tyler Jakes and the Bootleggers, and The Glenn Cannon Blues Trio headlining the night.

Anyone who knows barbeque knows that when you are in the SoDo district of Seattle, you go to Slim’s Last Chance Pig Iron Barbeque.  Their brisket and pulled pork are spot-on in flavor and texture, they have chili that can’t be beat, and jalapeno macaroni & cheese that is… well, as many have said, “a staple of life”.  Even though the vittles at this fine establishment are out of this world, many people descend upon Slim’s for another reason, the music.  Saturday night was no different. It was a night of not only the blues, but some good, local, hard-hitting rock.

The night opened with Seattle’s very own Stoic FB, a band that got its start on the shores of Waikiki, Hawaii.  This hard hitting 4-piece band entertains its crowds with pounding melodies and insane leads.  With guitarist Ryan Carney pulling down on the vocals alongside bassist Malcolm Williams, they are able to pull off vocal melodies that are spot-on.  Backing them up is Adam Birch on drums, and Ryan Healey on lead guitar.  The energy that this four-piece exudes is palpable.  They have crafted a reputation for exciting live performances, and an energetic stage presence.  This performance at Slims did not veer far from their reputation.  It was a great way to start the night.

Second on the lineup was talented singer-songer writer with a cult like following. He comes in quiet, and leaves a bit like March, “out like a lion”.  His name, Tyler Jakes.  Singer, songwriter, and overall creator of Tyler Jakes and the Bootleggers.  This four-piece band was a mind melting mix of rock-n-roll, blues, punk, outlaw country, gypsy folk, and surf music. They played a varied mixture of tracks from Jakes’ most recent release “Dissolution” to songs from his first 7 albums.  Supporting Jakes during this lively set was Clint Taxdahl on trumpet and rhythm guitar, Nick Benigno on drums, and Jerry Langhorst on bass.  The music was full of soulfulness, from the slide guitar licks, to the beautiful trumpet being played as a segue between verses.  Langhorst and Benigno held the soulful blues sounds together with a rhythm section that was on point the whole set.  Those who know Jakes’ music were not disappointed, and those who didn’t know him, know him now.

The Glenn Cannon Blues Trio’s rounded out the night with an energy filled set.  Glenn Cannon, who is known throughout the Pacific Northwest for many other projects, came on stage and started the night with mind blowing riffs from his Gibson guitar.  His velvety smooth vocals drew in the crowd, and blended seamlessly with the riffs coming from his guitar.  Holding his leads together was the rhythm section, consisting of the lightning fast fingers of bassist Jeff Eason, and pulsing cadence of drummer Wesley Peterson, who showed incredible talent and broad flexibility in the styles of music and blues. The band performed original works as well as covers from artists such as Hendrix, SRV, and ZZ Top. The band fed the soul of the audience and the audience thrived on that meal.

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