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VNYLDEN’s Wrestlemania 33 Predictions

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Panel: Xander Ramone, Micah Chen, Sean Quinn

Wrestlemania is only a day away. With last year’s event in Dallas being subpar due to many superstars out with injuries (Seth Rollins, John Cena, Cesaro, Randy Orton), WWE is looking to make up for last year’s event. 

The main event will feature “The Beast” Brock Lesnar taking on Bill Goldberg for the WWE Universal Title. Goldberg has been out of the WWE for the past 13 years, but already boasts a 2-0 record against Lesnar. The second main event for the WWE Heavyweight Championship; Randy Orton, winner of this year’s Royal Rumble will take on current champion Bray Wyatt. Wyatt won the title during the Elimination Chamber match at the Smackdown-exclusive PPV of the same name. 

Other matches scheduled include a four-way elimination match for the WWE Raw Women’s title. The WWE Raw Tag-Team titles on the line in a three-way ladder match, AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon, Triple H and Seth Rollins in an unsanctioned match, and the annual “Andre the Giant Battle Royal” match taking place during the pre-show. 

We here at VNYLDEN thought it would be great to give our predictions on who will come out victorious on the “grandest stage of them all.”

Preshow Match: Andre The Giant Battle Royale 

Xander: This match gets worse every year! They say this is the one that will help catapult the winner to greatness. But so far, every person who has won it hasn’t done much. Cesaro won it the inaugural year and though he should be in the main-event picture, he’s now relegated to tag-teaming with Sheamus. Although last year’s winner Baron Corbin has been doing very well and is now tapped to be the next Intercontinental Champion. However, with that being said I feel like this match is a joke as a whole and the fact that they put Braun Strowman in it after the monstrous push he received feels like a demotion that Strowman doesn’t deserve. Winner: Braun Strowman. 

Micah: Winning the Andre The Giant Battle Royale isn’t even a slight step down… It’s a HUGE demotion for the hype that has been around Strowman for the last six months. Winner: Braun Strowman

Sean: Vince McMahon Likes Big Sweaty Men, although I will be rooting for Big Show as it is rumored to be his last match. Winner: Braun Strowman

Preshow Match: WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Austin Aries vs Neville (C) 

Xander: I feel this match should’ve waited until SummerSlam. Both Neville and Aries are great at what they do, but this feels rushed. What should’ve happened is Jack Gallagher and Neville having a rematch from last month’s Fastlane PPV with Neville retaining. Then the following night on RAW, Aries comes out and then begins a lengthy feud between both superstars. These two have the potential to go to the limit, but why rush it? Neville also hasn’t had the title that long so it would be wise to keep the belt on him for a long period of time.  Winner: Neville

Micah: The Cruiserweight title has been hot-potatoed so much it’s quickly destroying the reputation of the division. Neville is doing well as champion. No way he drops the title this fast… Especially on a pre-show for Wrestlemania. Winner: Neville

Sean: Even though Aries is the greatest to have ever lived, no way do they give a guy a title when he’s not QUITE over yet. The marks love him, but to the main WWE Universe, he’s still a newcomer. Neville wins, and it’s a shame this is a pre-show match because this has potential to be the match of the night. Winner: Neville

Smackdown Women’s Championship: Alexa Bliss (C) vs The Smackdown Women’s Roster (Micki James, Naomi, Natalya, Becky Lynch, and Carmella)

Xander: I have a feeling we are going to see some surprise entrants. Rumors are circulating that Summer Rae and possible Emma could also be added to the match. This could be the one match where no one knows who’s going to win. I doubt it will be Carmella, Natalya or Mickie James. So that leaves Alexa Bliss, Becky Lynch, and Naomi. Either of those three could win it, or we see a swerve and a surprise entrant walks away with the title. This could go either way. On the plus side, having Naomi re-win the title in her hometown after she had to relinquish due to injury seems bittersweet. Winner: Naomi

Micah: WWE took the easy way out by getting every Smackdown woman on the show. Alexa Bliss should win in a fast-paced match, though it may not be easy to watch. Winner: Alexa Bliss

Sean: Naomi just isn’t doing it for me in terms of getting over, Bliss is rumored to be in trouble backstage with her lack of effort in matches, Carmella [who?], Becky Lynch just isn’t really as over as she used to be [heel turn soon?] and Natalya, well, what has she been doing lately since the Bella feud? The only person I can see the crowd having any reaction and make sense to win is Mickie James, who’s memorable Wrestlemania debut was nearly 10 years ago. Don’t know what kind of reaction she will get, but it will certainly be one. Winner: Mickie James

RAW Tag Team Championship Ladder Match: Gallows and Anderson (C) vs Sheamus and Cesaro vs Enzo and Big Cass

Xander: If it were up to me, Gallows and Anderson would retain. However, I really feel they should go to Smackdown Live and re-form The Club with AJ Styles where they can dominate a weak tag-team division. Sheamus and Cesaro are entertaining, but it’s run its course and the duo needs to be split up and or drafted to different brands. I see Enzo and Big Cass getting their Wrestlemania moment and finally winning the titles after debuting the day after Wrestlemania last year. Winner: Enzo and Big Cass

Micah: Enzo and Big Cass are long overdue. They have never been champions. Gallows and Anderson’s reactions have been an improvement, but they’re not worthy of being champs. Winner: Enzo and Big Cass

Sean: Hands down Enzo and Cass. It just makes sense. They haven’t had their run at the belts and it’s due time. Enzo and Cass are this generations’ New Age Outlaws. It’s time for them to hold the belts. Winner: Enzo and Big Cass

AJ Styles vs Shane McMahon

Xander: Why in the hell is AJ Styles in this match? Styles should be in the main event! Not facing Shane McMahon. Hell Styles could have face Braun Strowman in a brand vs brand match. Anything but this! I have nothing against Shane O’Mac, but AJ Styles is the hottest superstar on the Smackdown Live. No way he loses. Winner: AJ Styles

Micah: Bit of a slap in the face to AJ. But you don’t want to lose the crowd with Ambrose/Corbin or the Smackdown Women’s Title match. Styles went second last year with Jericho at Wrestlemania 32 and was fantastic. A great spot for Shane and AJ to light up the first hour. Winner: AJ Styles

Sean: Shane is going to do something absolutely mental in this match, and I can’t quite figure out what it’s going to be. I expect no finish in this match which sucks but unlike the HIAC match from before, this match has a ref and is a singles match so I don’t expect either man to get up from what Shane has in store. This match really SHOULD be a Falls Count Anywhere match. Winner: Draw/No Contest/Double Countout

The Miz and Maryse vs John Cena and Nikki Bella

Xander: This is a total throwaway match. Cena should be facing Undertaker and The Miz should be in the WWE Heavyweight Title picture. I will say the Total Bella’s parody’s that featured The Miz and Maryse was great. Why can’t WWE Network give them their own reality series? The real question everyone is, will John Cena finally propose to Nikki Bella? It would be stupid if he didn’t. I hope the company gives The Miz the ball because he and Maryse are this generations Macho Man and Miss. Elizabeth. Winner: Cena/Bella

Micah: John Cena Proposes. Winner: Cena/Bella

Sean: Cena is leaving the company to do more Hollywood after the match, and there will not be a marriage proposal. Sorry, it’s just not going to happen. Miz pulls some sort of dirty finish to win. Winner: Miz/Maryse

United States Championship Match: Chris Jericho (C) vs Kevin Owens

Xander: Hand’s down, this will be the match of the night. Jericho always shines at Wrestlemania and this feud between him and Owens should be the for the Universal title… Not the US Championship. This will be a back and forth, near fall extravaganza. Not on par with Jericho’s match with HBK at Wrestlemania 19, but it will be close to it. I can’t see Jericho dropping the title at Wrestlemania. This match will be close but I see Jericho retaining and dropping the belt on the next RAW PPV or the RAW after Wrestlemania. Winner: Chris Jericho.

Micah: Serious match of the night candidate. This rivalry has been so tremendous that an Owens loss would be a fitting finale to this feud. KO can get his win back after Jericho leaves to tour with his band FOZZY. Winner: Chris Jericho.

Sean: Jericho is off to go PARTAY with Fozzy so it really wouldn’t make sense to let Jericho keep the belt. Owens wins clean. Winner: Kevin Owens. 

Intercontinental Championship Match: Dean Ambrose (C) vs Baron Corbin

Xander: I like that WWE is in the process of pushing Baron Corbin to be the next top heel on Smackdown Live. The “lone wolf” persona fits him to the teeth!  A title win would cement that. Ambrose went from being the top guy, back to mid-card status. I easily see Corbin winning the IC title and further elevating his status. Winner: Baron Corbin

Micah: The fans love Baron Corbin and he’s due for a title run. Ambrose isn’t doing anything as IC Champ, and he’s better in the chaser role. Winner: Baron Corbin. 

Sean: This one is a complete toss-up, but Ambrose always finds a way to do something crazy similar to Shane McMahon. Corbin not quite ready yet to hold the belt, and Ambrose will win by doing something suicidal that keeps Corbin away from the ring. Winner: Dean Ambrose

Unsanctioned Match: Triple H vs Seth Rollins. 

Xander: This feud has been hot! I love how the WWE used the injury card to further elevate the storyline between Rollins and Triple H and this match alone should be as what Jim Ross calls it, “a slobberknocker.” Look for Samoa Joe to make an appearance in this match. On a side note, if Seth Rollins is not put back into the Universal title picture after mania, fans are going to riot! Winner: Seth Rollins

Micah: Crowd will be surprisingly hot for this match from beginning to end. Triple H will do the right thing and put Rollins over. Winner: Seth Rollins.

Sean: As much as Triple H loves to whip out the shovel sledgehammer and bury talent, now is not the time to do so. HHH will obviously have some help from his Samoan playboy (not Roman Reigns) in Samoa Joe but I expect a run in from Finn Balor, the man Rollins injured, to support Rollins in the match. Balor’s  help will be enough to somehow allow Rollins to prevail, one leg or no legs. Winner: Seth Rollins


Raw Women’s Championship Elimination Match: Bayley (C) vs Sasha Banks vs Charlotte Flair vs Nia Jax

Xander: The WWE Raw Women’s Title has been passed around like biscuits at the dinner table. WWE clearly has Bayley as their John Cena of the women’s division and I don’t see them taking the title off of her anytime soon. Charlotte will most likely feud with Dana Brooke after Mania, and I have no clue what RAW is doing with Nia Jax (maybe drafted to Smackdown Live?). We will most likely see a Sasha Banks heel turn, but I have a feeling it’s going to be on RAW after Wrestlemania. Look for Bayley to win, but Sasha to turn on her leading to a long feud that will last until SummerSlam. Winner: Bayley

Micah: Many felt last year Banks should’ve won at Wrestlemania 32. It might be a year too late for the monumental victory, but it will still be a nice a nice moment. Charlotte is a close runner-up, but then we’d have to suffer through more Charlotte-Bayley matches. Sasha vs Bayley will be the big feud going into SummerSlam. Winner: Sasha Banks

Sean: Nia Jax does not belong in this match plain and simple. Likely Charlotte and Jax will get into it towards the end of the match, Bayley somehow acts stupid and Sasha pulls a heelish type move to win the title. Sasha’s heel turn is long overdue. Winner: Sasha Banks

The Undertaker vs Roman Reigns

Xander: Why couldn’t this have been John Cena vs The Undertaker?  Now Vince had a change of mind and wanted Roman Reigns to face Taker, which I understand. But now that Taker has a bad hip, and most likely will need career-ending surgery that will put those Cena/Taker plans to a stop. With that being said, I know many are going with Reigns to win this match. But this is The Undertaker we’re talking about here! I’ve seen some crazy stuff go down and I for one don’t see him losing to Roman Reigns. Now Cena on the other hand, I could see that. If this is indeed Taker’s last match, I see him going out with a bang. Winner: The Undertaker

Micah: Roman Reigns will get a lot of offense in a 15-minute match and Taker walks out a legend. Reigns will act heelish but nothing will come of it of course. Winner: Roman Reigns. 

Sean: It burns my fiber and my being to the core, and I truly believe even though this is expected to be the main event, this will turn out to be a really slow and awful match. Taker is going to be fighting with a very bad hip and in severe pain. I absolutely think this is his last match, and it pains me to believe his opponent is Reigns. He will be boo’ed out of the building as a face, which makes zero sense. Taker’s last match will be a very saddening one, but his career and legacy will never be forgotten. I hope I am proven wrong. Winner Roman Reigns


WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Bray Wyatt (C) vs Randy Orton

Xander: This entire match was planned horribly. First off, Bray should’ve won the Royal Rumble, and Orton should’ve won the title at Elimination Chamber. It would make more sense for Bray to win the title at Wrestlemania as the fans would eat it up. I see Orton putting Bray over cleanly. Winner: Bray Wyatt

Micah: Likely the biggest fail of the night as far as match quality goes. Knowing that Taker/Reigns is up next, many will not care who wins. Winner: Bray Wyatt.

Sean: This sounds vague, but somehow, someway, Wyatt will pull some crazy stunt, whether it’s a run in from Sister Abigail, Harper, or whoever, but since Lesnar is winning the belt, I think the other main title gets retained. Wyatt will surprise everyone and retain his title. Winner: Bray Wyatt.


WWE Universal Championship: Goldberg (C) vs Brock Lesnar

Xander: There is no way in hell Goldberg wins this match. I do expect it to go longer than most of the matches he has had. However, look for Lesnar to pin Goldberg clean. Winner: Brock Lesnar. 

Micah: Won’t be a two-minute match like many are assuming. The crowd will be hot for a 10 minute back and forth match. Lesnar ends the show as champ. Winner: Brock Lesnar

Sean: Oldberg’s time has come. Got his last ride in for his family to see but Lesnar wins in what I think will surprise people as a somewhat decent match. It certainly won’t I hope to be a short match. Lesnar wins clean. Winner: Brock Lesnar

What do you think?

Written by Xander Ramone

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