Night Club to support Combichrist and Wednesday 13

American electronic band, Night Club, which is made up of Emily Kavanaugh and Mark Brooks and are best known for their musical contributions to the television shows “Awkward”, “Jersey Shore” and “The Mysteries of Laura”. They also scored the music for all ten episodes of the Comedy Central television show “Moonbeam City”.  

Night Club is currently wrapping up production on the follow up to their latest 2016 release Requiem for Romance and that is slated to come out on August 24th. Prior to the release, Night Club will be heading out on the road supporting Combichrist and Wednesday 13 for a six week North American Summer Tour.

“We went out with the Lords of Acid and Combichrist previously. We all hit it off and had a great time” stated Kavanaugh when asked how this upcoming tour came to be. “The audience also loved us so when the time came for Combichrist to find a support act, we were invited” continued Kavanaugh

“For a two-person band, especially one that is labeled electronica, we had a really good response from those who were there to see Lords of Acid and Combichrist. We seem to get over really well with metal fans, which is great!” stated Brooks.

When asked how getting their music on popular television shows such as “Jersey Shore”, and later the entire musical score for “Moonbeam City” had affected their growth or popularity, Brooks stated “With Moonbeam City, we originally set to contribute a song or two. The music was so well received we were asked to compose and contribute music for the entire fourteen episodes so it worked out really well for us”.

When asked about post tour plans, Brooks went on to say “we have six weeks with Combichrist here in the US then we are off to Europe for three weeks with Combichrist. When we return, we will be releasing our newest album which is slated to be released on August 24th. Of course we will do a release show and then we’re leaning on doing a fall tour. We going to be busy for the remainder of the year”.

When the subject of influences came up, both Brooks and Kavanaugh were more than happy and enthusiastic about sharing what shaped the way they both play and write music. “Man, my influences are all over the map” commented Brooks. “From late 70s synch pop such as Gary Neuman or Ultravox to heavy stuff like AC/DC or Slayer….”

“Brittany Spears – especially during her Black Out album and tour, Depeche Mode…too many to list really” stated Kavanaugh.

When asked what they are looking forward to when they hit the road, both Kavanaugh and Brooks stated that they really don’t have time to sight see when they are on tour, but they do remember what cities have the best audiences. “I can say that I don’t have a favorite city when it comes to being a tourist while we are on the road, but I can tell you what cities stand out based on the shows we have had. Milwaukee, WI is incredible! The audience at the shows we’ve played at have been fantastic.”

“Albuquerque, NM is also an amazing place to play” stated Kavanaugh.

“My knowledge of cities for vacation is lacking” said Brooks. “But we can tell you where all the best truck stops are at! I am a Flying J fan! They have the best accommodations! In all honesty, touring is fun and its tough and it’s not for everyone” Brooks went on the say. “I can be a homebody and live a not so exciting life or I can live out of a suitcase and get out there and do what I, better yet what we, love to do – which is to make music, share it with the world and hope that everyone enjoys what we created”

Check out Night Club when they hit the road with Combichrist and Wednesday 13. They are scheduled to play Studio Seven in Seattle on May 23rd. Click here to get tickets.

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