Thoughts On VNYL… One Year Later

A year ago, we decided to try out VNYL, one of the many vinyl subscription boxes available. Our first box received was OK by our standards… We decided to give VNYL another shot and let the company charge us $40. The second box was a major disappointment! We contacted them to voice our displeasure. VNYL said they would make it right the third time. So we waited patiently for the third box… We waited two months! After a back-and-forth email correspondence and further irritation, Xander decided enough was enough!

What resulted was the following video.

We thought no one would care. Who in the hell would watch a video from a channel with less than 30 subscribers? We were wrong! That video alone amassed a ton of dislikes from numerous fans of the service. Fast forward a year later. Though we gave an honest review, we may have been a bit harsh with the video. Because of this, we decided to film a follow-up, and offer to review the service and actually do a review. We hope that VNYL takes us up on our offer to make this right.

What do you think?

Written by Xander Ramone

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