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The Beautiful Trauma Tour Comes To The Key Arena

P!nk is famously known for putting on an amazing tour production, filled with theatrics, lots of choreographed dancing and large stage props, and the show she brought to the Key Arena in Seattle was no exception. With an over the top display of theatrics and spectacular aerial acrobatics, P!nk had the capacity crowd on its feet, dancing and singing during her one hour and 40 minute set.

As the large curtain that is covering the large stage drops, a large array of musicians, dancers and performers come onto the stage. P!nk, wearing a silver body suit, makes her grand entrance attached to a swinging chandelier. Pink spent as much time in the arena air as Cirque du Soleil performers – she proved to be a skilled aerialist, as she shows off during her opening song of “Get the Party Started”.

After finishing the opening number, P!nk along with her seven person band, jumped right into “Beautiful Trauma” and then proceeded to follow up with the ballad “Just Like A Pill”. P!nk also performed a selection of songs she is famously known for. Selections such as “Revenge” which featured an inflated blow up of Eminem; “Just Give Me A Reason”, “Barbies”, “Secrets” – where she was lifted up by a fellow trapezist, and continued to sing as they performed a dual silks routine; as well as covering “Funhouse / Just a Girl” by No Doubt and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” by Nirvana.

P!nk’s powerful voice doesn’t falter as she climbs along the chandelier hanging above the stage, as well as when she maneuvers herself upside down to dance and sing. She climbed, hung upside down and danced on top of the chandelier. She also wore bungee cords, flipping and twirling her way from the stage to the chandelier while performing mid-air acrobatics.

When not flying around, P!nk and her ensemble of dancers were in constant motion. Their highly choreographed dance routines were incredible. P!nk also spent time interacting with the audience members, shaking and/or slapping their outstretched hands.

The songs never stopped, and during the 22-song set, Pink made numerous costume changes. The show was full of theatrics, with each song having its own theme – from pyrotechnics to moving set pieces, to dancers that seemingly came out of nowhere, P!nk performed over twenty songs.

The whole show was brilliantly produced, with bright colors, interpretive dancing and plenty of high-flying spectacle. The set was a crowd-pleasing blend of new material and greatest hits and was also an incredible and spectacular display of theatrics and performance. This is definitely one show that set the bar so high that others may have a hard time topping.

Set List
Get the Party Started
Beautiful Trauma
Just Like a Pill
Who Knew
Funhouse / Just a Girl (No Doubt cover)
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana cover)
Just Give Me A Reason
I’m Not Dead
Just Like Fire
What About Us
For Now
I Am Here
F**kin’ Perfect
Raise Your Glass
Blow Me (One Last Kiss)

So What
Glitter in the Air

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