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Get Your Groove on with Detroit Rising: A Cosmic Jazz Funk Adventure

Take jazz, funk, soul, and R&B written and played by some of the jazziest and funkiest musicians and the end result is an exciting album entitled Detroit Rising: A Cosmic Jazz Funk Adventure.  

Comprised of season musicians who have had recorded with artists ranging from P-Funk, Prince, Lady Gaga and Thea Parrish, Detroit Rising was started at the birth place of Motown – United Sound Studios in Detroit.

Featured on DETROIT RISING are United Sound musicians guitarist Duminie Deporres (Theo Parrish) and bassist Kern Brantley (Lady Gaga, Beyonce) and P-Funk musicians Gabe Gonzalez (drums), Danny Bedrosian (piano, keys, moog, vocals and current young Parliament-Funkadelic synth leader), DeWayne “Blackbyrd” McKnight (guitar/has also played with Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Bootsy Collins), Lige Curry (bass), Greg Thomas (saxophone, vocals/also played with Bootsy Collins), Benjamin “Benzel” Cowan (drums and son of P-Funk trumpet player Benny Cowan), Tonysha Nelson (vocals and granddaughter of George Clinton) and Steve Boyd (vocals), along with special guest vocalist Sue Ann Carwell (Prince, Parliament-Funkadelic).

There truly is one word that describes this album – AMAZING! The album is chock full of grooving and slap happy bass lines, awesome and funky drumming, crazy and incredible guitar playing and guitar solos. The songs all vary in their tempos and are not predictable or boring. Some have up tempo dance beats, others have a mellow vibe.

The songs come off of intricate in their playing, and it’s amazing that the band was able to create such a great album within seven studio sessions over the course of two years – each track recorded live. The album was recorded in cities ranging from Detroit to New York to Hollywood to Las Vegas and eventually engineered and mixed in New York. In their own words, the band describes their finished product as electro, house, nu-disco, vaporware and techno all rolled into one package.

The debut album is eleven tracks which stand out tracks such as “Little Bit”, “My Heart is Frozen”, “Gorgeous”, “Fly to Freedom”, but the song that stands out the most and is just an incredible jam is “What’s That You Heard?”

“Lashing Out”
“Little Bit”
“My Heart is Frozen Part 2”
“Rocket Love”
“What’s That You Heard?”
“Our World”
“With Peace & Harmony”
“Fly to Freedom”
“Byrd-Lige-Greg Instrumentals”

This album gets a solid 9 out 10……

DETROIT RISING will be available for digital download, online streaming, and in physical format as a CD and 12” limited edition sea green colored vinyl, which will also include a link to download tracks. Pre-order the album now at

Detroit Rising: A Cosmic Jazz Funk Adventure
Detroit Rising: A Cosmic Jazz Funk Adventure

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