Submission Policy

We’re not going to lie, we love to review stuff that is sent our way. In a matter of fact, we encourage it as it not only provides us new content for the website/youtube channel but also gives our readers new things to check out. 


What We Don’t Accept

  • Political content
  • Items/content that promote hate speech or racism
  • Pornography (Risque album covers is OK)
  • Reader reviews/photos (If you want to write for us, please see our Contact page)


Vinyl Submissions for VNYLDEN or VNYLDEN Radio 

If your band has a vinyl release and would like to be featured for review on or for play VNYLDEN Radio, please contact us at


Press Release Submission Policy

VNYLDEN welcomes all press releases, whether it be for music, film, pop culture, gaming or pro-wrestling. If you would like for VNYLDEN to feature your press release, please contact us at


Vinyl Donations

We here at VNYLDEN love receiving vinyl from our readers/listeners/viewers. Each album we receive is cleaned and preserved in the VNYLDEN archive’s for future play on VNYLDEN Radio or may be used for a future VNYLDEN video. If you have some vinyl you would like to send our way, please contact us at for more details.  BTW we really enjoy bad records, it gives us something to riff on. 



In the past, we have done unboxing videos. However, we mainly stick to stuff that fits the content we feature on VNYLDEN. If you would like for us to do an unboxing, and it fits our criteria, please contact us at 


Film/Game/Music Reviews

We love to review new music, video games or films. If you would like VNYLDEN to do a review and want to submit items to us, please contact us at


I want to donate some bread to VNYLDEN. How do I do that?

Not going to lie, WE ABSOLUTELY HATE E-BEGGING! But being VNYLDEN is a non-profit joint, we could use all the help we can get in order to keep the site running. If you would like to donate to VNYLDEN, we have a Patreon account. The most you have to donate is a dollar, which helps in the long run. We also have some awesome perks for those who wish to donate more. All monetary funds will help keep VNYLDEN running. This will pay for hosting costs and in the future upgrade equipment and be able to pay staff… Only if we are able to meet goals.