Mel Gibson To Direct Suicide Squad 2?

Fresh off his comeback all thanks to his war epic Hacksaw Ridge garnering critical acclaim and award nominations. Actor/Director Mel Gibson is rumored to be tapped to direct Suicide Squad 2

According to 

Warner Bros’ early short list for a future sequel, namely Suicide Squad 2. That’s because one of the directors mentioned is Mel Gibson, who is very much “hot again” following the critical success of his comeback war movie, Hacksaw Ridge. What is being lost, it seems, in some of the reporting is that Gibson has not landed the Suicide Squad 2 directing gig for certain, and there are several other viable candidates, including Daniel Espinosa (Safe House), Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), and Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies). As for how online media is receiving the possible Mel Gibson news, here’s one example.

This is the same Mel Gibson who slammed Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, calling it a “piece of shit” while promoting Hacksaw Ridge. Gibson also attacked the outrageous cost to make superhero films and scoffed at the idea of directing said films.  

Warner Bros.

As to if Gibson would accept the role of directing Suicide Squad 2 is still up in the air. Gibson has been on a bit of a comeback tour with Hacksaw Ridge, after numerous incidents; including an anti-semitic tirade tarnished his career.  

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